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Statement from Supervisor on New Windsor Budget 2019

New Windsor Budget 2019

URGENT: My opponent and his NYC and media allies will stop at nothing to spread smears and lies to try and prevent us from winning 6 days from today.

"Editorials," mailers, press releases, ads and more filled with lies about the budget and tax cap are swamping our district. Please see the release below about the New Windsor budget which is under the tax cap.

I am also proud to be the only candidate that supports a permanent property tax cap with unfunded mandate relief, a property tax freeze for seniors and more.

I appreciate all your support. We will win November 6th.

Statement from Supervisor on New Windsor Budget 2019

New Windsor, NY --- Town of New Windsor Supervisor George Green has released the final budget for fiscal year 2019 which is under the State property tax cap, a standard New Windsor has met for years. New Windsor continues a long held standard of staying within the tax cap and finding innovative non-taxpayer methods to fund vital projects while maintaining the highest level of service that has become a hallmark of New Windsor Town government.

The final 2019 budget levy is approximately 1% below the state 2% cap which equates to $148,731 below the allowable tax levy. The actual combined rate for the two major budget components; the General Fund and Highway Fund will see a 0% increase over the 2018 rate. The Ambulance District will see a slight increase of approximately $0.15 per thousand. The Garbage Fund which affects only those within a garbage district will increase by about $0.90 per thousand due to a cost of living increase, including benefits. The Sewer Fund Operation and Maintenance rate will remain at $41.00 per quarter which is a 0% change. The Water Fund O&M rate per 100 cubic feet of water consumed will drop by $0.15, a reduction of 2.3%.

Green stated, “Nothing in our budget process has changed.” It’s done in three basic steps. First the department heads present their proposed budget to the Comptroller. Next the Comptroller adds fixed costs such as debt service, utilities, benefits and contractual items and begins the individual departmental cost review. This is presented to the Town Board as the preliminary budget. There has been no vote on this stage contrary to the FALSE NEWS being propagated. New Windsor, despite dealing with onerous state mandates, has prudently managed taxpayer dollars yet again to develop a budget under the tax cap.

Recently, local media and a democratic State Assembly candidate have falsely made claims about the Town of New Windsor’s budget and its budget process, as well as the potential impact on benefits residents would receive from the State, contingent on municipalities staying under the cap. However, they failed to acknowledge that this Property Tax Freeze Program expired for municipalities in 2017.

Green said,” Either these people are completely clueless or recklessly concocting lies for political gain. Both the paper and the democratic candidate for State Assembly should possess a basic understanding of how town government works and what state programs are active. The fact that he does not, shows how unqualified this candidate is to hold any office,” Green added, “Putting their ignorance and lies about our 2019 budget aside, I think the most vicious lie they have told is that Colin Schmitt is responsible for their imaginary increases. It is obvious to everyone that the democratic candidate for State Assembly and his cohorts are desperate to divert attention away from his own lack of experience and ability.”

Supervisor George Green stated, “New Windsor taxpayers can be proud to live in a town where taxes will remain under the tax cap.”

Supervisor Green continued, “Political candidates and certain local media outlets owe New Windsor and all area residents an apology for their lies and smears regarding the budget and tax rates. New Windsor residents and the public at large recognize desperate publicity stunts and lies when they see them.”